Join us for a 10-day celebration of the best in Jewish literature. 

In its 17th year, the DCJCC Jewish Literary Festival celebrates the work of established and emerging authors who explore and engage in Jewish life through words and ideas.  Jews, frequently referred to as the “people of the book,” are profoundly connected to literature.  As Jewish culture evolves and becomes more diverse and complex, the DCJCC is thrilled to welcome authors and thinkers who reflect on their connection to their Jewish identity and to writing.

The Festival opens with Israeli author Etgar Keret, winner of Israel’s Prime Minister Prize, speaking about his most recent release, The Seven Good Years, A Memoir.  The Festival closes with Shalom Auslander, author and creator of the Showtime series HAPPYish.  Among the nearly 30 authors in between you’ll recognize luminaries such as Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, one of America’s best-known attorneys and Michael Pollan, a profound voice in the slow food movement who explores the cross section of agribusiness, the environment and health.  Listen to acclaimed female fiction writers Mary Morris,  Jami Attenberg and Jessamyn Hope reflect on common themes in their new works.  Hear Eastern European writers David Bezmozgis, Boris Fishman and Lara Vapnyar speak about East and West, language and identity, the old Russia and the new.

Join Dina Gold who will recount her legal battle to reclaim a building in Berlin originally built and owned by her prominent German ancestors.  Hear from baseball columnist John Klima on Major League Baseball during World War II.  Meet 17 DC-area writers at our Local Authors Fair and join us for the Great Children’s Read, including Leslea Newman, winner of the 2015 Sugarman Family Children’s Book Award.

A Festival pass is $100, or ticket prices range from $11 to $35 depending on the event.  Discounts are available for DCJCC members, students with ID, and seniors.  Most events are at the Washington DCJCC unless otherwise noted.

“But that’s the challenge — to change the system more than it changes you.”
— Michael Pollan

Opening Night,
Sunday, October 18

Etgar Keret, The Seven Good Years: A Memoir

His memoir, a sad-funny masterpiece that blends the personal and the national, begins with the birth of his first child and ends with his father’s death--the seven good years.

Sponsored by Tamara & Harry Handelsman

Sunday, October 25

Alan Dershowitz, 
Abraham: The World's First (But Certainly Not Last) Jewish Lawyer

One of America’s best-known attorneys gives us a no-holds-barred history of Jewish lawyers.

Sponsored by David Bruce Smith and GW's Jewish Literature Live

Closing Night, Wednesday, October 28

Shalom Auslander is HAPPYish 

How does an anxious author with a dark sense of humor and no TV experience become the creator and show runner for the newest Showtime series HAPPYyish?

The Gerald L. Bernstein Memorial Lecture